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In Belgium the union presenting the pilot community are divide in 3 groups, they are organized along politico-denominational lines, following the pillarization in Belgian society.
Therefore the three major trade unions are all confederations, each adhering to a particular religion or ideology, namely Christian, Socialist and Liberal.
Because the pilot community is rather small and individual unions would loose strength, the decision was made to unite forces and act, speak and work together for a common goal as from the beginning of 2014, commonly known as B-united.
With respect of the unity, if you would join the union, you need choose one of the tree unions presented at Brussels Airlines.
A list of delegates and contact information is available after each union block.


Click the photo to contact your delegate
Garm Van Rompaey
First officer A330
Frederik Dewaele
First officer A320

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Click the photo to contact your delegate
Benoît Ryckmans 
Captain A330 
Pierre Schuermans First officer A330
Michiel Van Twisk
First Officer A330

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Setca - bbtk

Click the photo to contact your delegate
Thibaut Jacques-Houssa
Captain A330
Erwin Verstrepen 
Captain A330
Jean-Francois Happé
CPT A320

Anthony Shababpour

FO A320

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